Into The Arena

Posted March 1st, 2018 by admin

You can develop super-powerful, superhuman thunder thighs with bodyweight training and calisthenics. The stereotype goes that into The Arena and bodyweight can only take you so far in leg development.

In fact, the only cool exercise there is for legs is the pistol squat. Calisthenics and bodyweight training can in fact train your legs to super-stardom. The stereotype Too many people think that legs don’t matter in calisthenics because the most advanced skills are typically hand balancing ones, or arm- and core-strength skills. Think of the handstand, the human flag, the planche, etc.

But that’s not all calisthenics and bodyweight training is about. Ideologically, calisthenics wants to help you develop your strength, body and mind holistically, in as complete a manner as possible. Calisthenics might have focused exercises, but it’ll never mean that you should focus exclusively on one part of your body and completely ignore another. If you have a strong upper-body and weak legs, your body isn’t holistically trained. Calisthenics is composed of a series of pushing and pulling exercises.

Some are vertical, some are horizontal. Some make use of the core, some make use of the lower back, some focus exclusively on a certain muscle grouping. But the end-goal of calisthenics will always be that you be able to use different muscle groups in coordination with each other. This will allow you to achieve impressive feats of strength, balance and flexibility that most people think impossible for the average Joe. Why is it so important to train my legs?