M 16 – Kevin Ayers – Still Life With Guitar

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Was Thinking, Oh My God — Did We Have Some Role in This? A co-founder of Pink Floyd, Syd was quintessentially English, penning idiosyncratic songs unique in style and tone. Along with Ray Davies, Syd was responsible for inspiring an entire generation of musicians to develop their own indigenous brand of English rock music. Roger was the fourth of five children, the others being Alan, Don, Ruth and Rosemary. The school had its own Scout troop, which Roger attended with great interest. He was a natural mimic and would amuse his friends with impersonations of famous people including comedy actor Sid James. Syd knew Roger Waters from primary school and met David Gilmour as a teenager, so their paths were to cross many times.

These three later became the main creative leaders of Pink Floyd, each of them rising to the front during their own era, connected in origin and friendship from the Cambridge days. Syd was a notable and popular bohemian figure on the Cambridge scene, swapping guitar chords with David Gilmour and avidly enjoying a wide range of musical influences from jazz to obscure blues combos. London he had already been part of local bands including Geoff Mott and the Mottoes, born out of collaborations at the Barrett family home from 1962 onwards. The Hollerin’ Blues, who by 1965 had turned into Those Without.

Meanwhile Roger Waters had formed a band called Sigma 6 with college friends including Richard Wright and Nick Mason. Six songs were recorded by this first version of Pink Floyd, and after 50 years they finally received their proper release in November 2015. It’s really just a registration mark. It’s better than calling ourselves CCE338, or something like that.

Syd to take off to France in August 1965 with David Gilmour, visiting the home of Pablo Picasso, whose son was a student in Cambridge. The pair was briefly detained by the St. UK psychedelic music scene allowed them to develop Syd’s performance-based ideas into something unique. Throughout 1966 they honed their live performance skills, often developing songs into long jamming sequences. A particular mention must be made of the residency they enjoyed at the All Saints Church Hall as part of a series of concerts organized by the budding London Free School in the autumn of 1966. Syd Barrett’s famous mirrored guitar was created at this time by modifying his original white Fender Esquire with adhesive plastic to give it a new silver coloured body, and then mounting 15 reflecting discs on it.

The light show hit the silver discs and a star was born. On Halloween 1966, the band formed Blackhill Enterprises with managers Peter Jenner and Andrew King. Interstellar Overdrive’, used as music for the experimental film San Francisco by Anthony Stern. This was a band composition, but most of the other early recordings were songs by Syd, who had established himself as the band’s creative innovator. See Emily Play’, both written by Syd, in the first half of that year.

Piper at the Gates of Dawn in the Abbey Road Studios, next to The Beatles who were recording their Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band at the same time. In the end of April, Pink Floyd was the closing act at the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream festival at Alexandra Palace, and left an ever-lasting impression on those in attendance, as the sun rose and streamed in through the windows, casting reflections in Syd’s mirrored guitar. May, the band was invited to play a proper concert to a seated audience at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth Hall on South Bank in London. Pink Floyd guested the popular TV show Top Of The Pops on three occasions.