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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718044145. We are extremely grateful to everybody involved in this process. He will continue to receive treatment at the facility. It was not the Rolling Stones, they did it a year later! Clapton is raw and unflinchingly honest as he discusses his career and his turbulent personal life.

How this band are not up there with the greatest of the best is beyond me. Heavy Pettin’ have also announced their own one-off headlining show in Glasgow. A compelling, engaging and sobering film with a Metal heart and a Slavic soul. We do not go into the studio to make singles.

Reid famously turned down offers to front Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. The new Daisies album will melt your face! The band’s new leader is Cardinal Copia and is not a part of the Papa Emeritus bloodline. This song has a little bit of all the elements in the album so it represents it well. We wanted to create something you would not normally see from a rock band.

The four musicians have stretched their creative wings like never before. ALICE COOPER AND ERIK GRÖNWALL NAIL PERFECT PERFORMANCES IN EASTER SUNDAY ‘JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR LIVE! GET WEAVIN’ IN LONDON AND MANCHESTER! One of Britain’s great cultural exports. We will be going into a London studio with the award winning Wes Maebe. I told him we would have to get someone else, and he was fine. Apparently Paul used to sneak him into Kensington Palace in the boot of his car.