Fun Fun Fun – Status Quo – Got You Covered

Posted March 8th, 2018 by admin

He Was Fun Fun Fun – Status Quo – Got You Covered To Discover That The Debris On The Side Of The Road Was Alive! The airport: a place where adventures begin and end. Well, maybe not the judging part. Santa’s In Trouble Something about this image doesn’t seem right.

One would like to think that Santa was just visiting the airport to make his fellow travelers merry, or he’s in a rush to get all the Christmas gifts delivered in time so he resorted to air travel. He might just be a bad Santa after all. It does look like he’s in a bit of trouble surrounded by all that security. Perhaps he’s in possession of some sneaky gifts.

Whatever it may be, Santa should be more careful next time! Up in the Air Do birds really need to be transported via airplane? A Saudi Prince seems to think so, and therefore ordered for 80 falcons to be transported with Etihad Airways to the United Arab Emirates. Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways adhere by a policy that allows birds to travel between Middle Eastern countries as long as their owner has a valid passport.

The airlines usually allow up to six birds, but the prince whipped out his royalty card and was granted the permission to take 80 feathered companions along with him. If you’re wondering why he’d need so many falcons, it’s because falconry has been a common pastime in the Middle East for many centuries. It may come as a surprise to some, but yes, celebrities to take flights, and no, they don’t all own private jets. The gorgeous Minka Kelly was also spotted at the airport, and celebrity spotters seem to enjoy taking pictures at the moment they are passing through baggage and security control.