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5 percent alcohol by volume, as whiskey and brandy as opposed to beer and wine. Silk is a harder fabric than wool or cotton. She tripped harder came down hard on her back.

She took it very hard when they told her of his death. Failure and defeat seemed hard at hand. The decision to ban students from the concerts followed hard on the heels of the riot. He’s hitting the bottle pretty hard.

You are being too hard on him. The house is hard by the river. We were hard put to finish the examination in one hour. The country is hard up for technicians and doctors.

It was hard to endure the severe weather. They worked just as hard on that as the people who made the good movie did. Bachner said it had been hard to introduce his work ethic and share his vision with the locals and his team. It was hard not to take it as a sign, a personal comment on my own Jewish dating failings. I mean, the reality of it was, I had to go out and get on a horse, and ride in, shoot the gun — how hard was that, right?